Online Product Auction System

Online Auction System

As the name suggests, the online auction system is an application through which the users will be able to buy the products through the online mode with great ease. The sellers can sell the products through this application. The users can bid…
VB.NET Fingerprint Generator

VB.NET Fingerprint Generator

VB.NET Fingerprint Generator project is the testing project of fingerprint device which generates fingerprint in Base64ISOTemplate format. This fingerprint generated in MORPHO MSOE2/E3 Fingerprint scanner device. This project code is developed using VB.NET programming language. Coding to generates FingerPrint VIDEO PREVIEW Download…
online cake order

Online Cake Order

Online Cake Order is a web based application which enable customers to order cakes through Online. The internet users are increasing rapidly, the company has introduce Online cake ordering system for getting the orders from customers. This application not only improves customers…

Online Corona Tracker

The New Corona virus officially COVID-19 is affecting 210 countries and territories around the world. This Online Corona Tracker project developed using covid19api API. Initially this displays latest New Confirmed, Total Confirmed, New Deaths, Total Deaths, New Recovered, Total Recovered cases. Here we…
Webcam in VB.NET

Webcam in VB.NET

Webcam in VB.NET – This project will explain how to make a webcam application in VB.NET. With the help of DirectShowLib.dll file, you can easily build a webcam image capture application in Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET). We can capture photo using DirectShowLib-2005.…
Employee Association System

Employee Association System

Project title is Employee Association System is developed for bank employees association. This project source code is developed using Core PHP without framework and HTML-CSS template we referred from templatemo. Its responsive and very user friendly. For validation we used simple javascript and…
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