This project Online Insurance Management System deals with Insurance in online. This tool taking care of the policy in online using tracking the details of the customer. Customer can apply and view their insurance policy details. The main objective of the application is to automate all the possible functionalities of insurance and provide the online insurance service to the customers . Using this system agents and customers can know the details about present policies, new policies, policy specifications, policy terms and conditions, etc. This system also calculates agent commission is based upon customer policy registration.

Online Insurance Management System

Project Scope and Product Features:

  • The system is convenient and flexible to be used. It saves their time, efforts, money and resources.
  • User Friendliness is provided in the application with various controls provided by system Rich User Interface.
  • The user information files can be stored in centralized database which can be maintained by the system.
  • Purchasing insurance online is convenient and fast. With click of a mouse customers can buy any policy from any corner of the world at any point of time.
  • This system maintains profile management of all policy holders. This system providing interface to customer that helps to him to know his policy details.
  • Payment process also like ecommerce transaction. Customers can pay  their policies through online. The payment processes is hassle-free and customer can complete a transaction at a much lesser time.
  • Since the customer buys directly from the insurance company, the agent’s margin (or commissions) is saved. Also, the entire process is carried in the virtual world and is paperless, reducing the costs further.
  • This system provides information about new policies or existing polices through online.
  • All communication happens via email, which are faster and more reliable than courier or post.

Software requirements:

  • IDE : Notepad++
  • Software: XAMPP
  • Apache server
  • MySQL database server
  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MY SQL

Modules of Online Insurance Management System:

  • Online Policy registration module: In this module the customers or policy holders can register their account and they can create their new policy account. The customer needs to enter their profile details to apply for policy. The system displays policy information and plan details before applying policy. After policy registration the system generates policy receipt.
    • Registration module:
    • Policy account registration module
    • Policy plan details
  • Customer account module: In this module the customer can update their profile details and password. The customer can view registered policy details, track next payment date, number of premium, etc. Customer can withdraw or cancel their registered policy by providing bank account details.
    • Profile module
    • Change password module
    • Policy account module
    • Policy Claim  module
    • Policy Cancel module
  • Policy payment module: In this module the customer can make policy payment while registration. The system generates payment receipt after the payment confirmation.
    • Payment module
    • Payment Receipt module
  • Insurance Agent module: The agents work for insurance company who provides information regarding the policies and schemes and brings new customers to the insurance company. The agents earn commission for each and every policy registration. Admin adds agent by verifying their profile manually.
    • Agent Registration module
    • Agent Login module
    • Agent profile module
    • Change Password module
  • Agent Commission module: The agent earns commissions for each and every registration. Agents can withdraw their earnings by entering their bank account details. The agents can view their commission report in this module.
    • Policy registration module
    • Agent commission module
    • Commission report module
    • Earning report
    • Withdraw commission module
  • Dashboard module: This module is for administrator and employees who work for insurance company. Administrator is the main user of this website. Administrator or Employee can view registered customer and agent records. The administrator handles all types of settings module. Administrator can add different insurance plan details, agent commission details, etc. Even administrator can accept or reject withdrawal request sent by customer and agent.
    • City module
    • State module
    • Tax module
    • Employee module
    • Insurance type module
    • Insurance plan module
    • Commission settings module
    • Withdrawal approval module
  • Report module: This module is for administrator where admin can view various kinds of report. Admin can view:
    • Customer report
    • Agent report
    • Agent wise commission report
    • Policy Payment report
    • Withdrawal report
    • Commission withdrawal report
    • Insurance account report
    • Transaction report
  • Customer query module: This module is for customers where customers can send queries using contact form. Employees can view customers query in the customer query panel.
    • Contact form
    • View customer query


User Types of Online Insurance Portal:

  • Administrator: Administrator is a super user treated as owner of this site.  He can have all the privileges.  Administrator can accept the agents request and delete the information of a registered agent.  Administrator can add new policies information. If a new policy is added into the system, the information of that policy and catalog, search facility is available to the customer.
  • Agent: An agent is nothing but a registered user who refers customers for commission. Admin has to approve the registration of an agent. Agents need to provide necessary information to the customers and educate them.
  • Customer: A policy holder is called as customer to this system.  He can log into this system in 24 X 7 modes. He can select the new policy and premium details. He needs to pay insurance premium.  A customer can view the previous payment details. He can update his profile and password.

Video Demonstration:

Download Online Insurance Management System Source code:

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