The Online Smart Studio enables vendors to set up online studio set up , where a customer can browse through the studio and a system administrator to maintain the set up. The main agenda of the smart studio is to set up a portal when the customer can customize printing of photos on T-Shirts, Mugs, Albums, Photo Calendar, etc online. Customers can also purchase make customized collage of photos and also purchase photo frames for the same. Added agenda of this product is that customers to purchase them online without having to visit the shop physically. Our Smart Studio will use the internet as the sole method for selling goods to its consumers.

Online Smart Studio

Programming Language:

  • Coding: PHP
  • Database : MySQL
  • Design: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Validation: Jquery, Javascript

Video Demonstration:

Youtube Channel

Modules of the project:

  • Customer Registration module:  In this module option is provided for new user to sign up. Customer can register to the website by entering Name, Email ID, password, contact number, etc.
  • Customer Login module:  In this module login option is provided to login.
  • Customer login panel
  • Forgot password
  • Calendar module: In this module, the user can choose the required template, upload the photo/s to the system and place an order for calendar.
  • T-Shirts module: In this module, the user can choose the kind of T-Shirt they want for printing, upload the logo or image to be printed and place the order.
  • Mugs module: In this module, the user can choose the mugs of their choice and personalize it by uploading the photo/image of their requirement.
  • Photo Album module: In this module, the user can choose the photo book, add the photo and text required and then place the order.
  • Photo Frame module:

This module enables the user to select a frame or customize a frame to upload photo/s.

  • Online Order module: The customer can select the items and put it into a cart and as soon as he clicks on finish, the total amount to be paid is displayed and also provides discount if any. View cart screen shows all the selected items, here quantity as to be entered. And also option is provided to deselect the products.The customer can pay by entering his credit card or debit card details and address to which the items have to be shipped. The system generates bill after making payment.
  • Add to cart and view cart
  • Purchase form
  • Billing form
  • Payment module
  • Receipt module
  • Payment module: Here the customer can see the payment options available to him. When customer clicks the “Order” link it will go straight to the “Paid” orders.
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Net Banking
  • Settings module: Here the administrator can view the different settings such as adding new product to the page, updating about offers or discounts, addition of promotional products etc.
  • Reports module: Here user can track his order details and reports of the orders placed by him in the past. The administrator can view the order details and order reports of all the customers.
  • Orders Placed report
  • Order Details report
  • Dashboard Module: This module is used by the administrator. He can add new categories and subcategories to the page.

Download Source Code:

555Add to cart

Download Link contains:

  • Complete Source code with Sample Database
  • Complete Project Documentation

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