We make a Online Loan Management System which is easy better and quick for everyone. The main purpose of developing this project is to provide a complete solution to all the problems that we face in a banking system. This system is designed to easily maintain the data of the loan customers specifically. This system is made to keep the records about the customers who have taken a loan from a bank. Even customer can apply for new loan accounts through online. This system allows customers to make payment through online.

The product Online Loan Management System web application will be developed completely web application and it can be accessed over the internet. The loan account holders can login to the system by entering Login ID and password.  After the login User can view loan account details and customer details. The administrator is the main user of this web application and he can add employee details, Loan types, penalty charges, etc.

  • Our loan management system has two main interfaces. One is for customers and the other is for the Employees  which manages all the loan accounts.
  • Customer can apply for loan account through online. Customer needs to fill their requirements in loan application.
  • Customer can view their Loan account detail, Interest rate, repayment schedule details etc.
  • Customer can make loan payment through online. After the payment the system generates receipt with total paid amount and balance amount.
  • The system calculates processing charge and late payment fee automatically.
  • Administrator can view paid customer details, unpaid customer details, terminated accounts, etc.
  • There will be a manual verification if customer applies for Loan Against Property Gold Loan.
  • Administrator or employees can view various reports.
Online Loan Management System

Programming Language:

  • Coding: PHP
  • Database : MySQL
  • Design: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Validation: Jquery, Javascript

Video Preview:

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Modules of the Online Loan Management System:

  • Loan Application Module
  • Login Module
  • Loan Account Module
  • EMI Instalment Module
  • Loan Payment Module
  • Penalty Module:
  • Delay Payment Penalty
  • Legal case
  • other charges
  • Personal Loan Module
  • Business Loan Module
  • Home Loan Module
  • Loan Against Property Module
  • Gold Loan Module
  • Employee Dashboard Module

Future Scope of the Project:

  • The current system is developed which run in Desktop PC, Laptop. In future we can develop it in Mobile applications like; Android, Windows Phone, etc..
  • We can add Face Recognition feature to track customer details.
  • We can add Face Recognition feature to track customer details.

Download Source Code:

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Download Link contains:

  • Complete Source code with Sample Database
  • Complete Project Documentation

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