This project is to provide user friendly Online Hotel Booking and Service portal which helps customers as well as management. In this project customer can search for hotels or lodges and they can book hotel rooms along with hotel services. Hotel services like Spa & beauty parlor, cab services, food services can be booked through online. The existing system doesn’t provide online hotel service booking features but in our system we implement all these features which is helps for customers and hotel management.

The project has following scopes and features:

  • Customer can search hotels by entering location and hotel type.
  • Customers can book hotel rooms and they can make payment through online.
  • Customers can book hotel services like Spa & beauty parlor, cab services, food services through online.
  • Feedback and Review option is available for each and every hotel where they can upload feedback and comments. The rating option can be added in the system.
  • Customer can cancel their bookings at any time before checkin.
  • Management can view booking report and transaction report through online.

Programming Language:

  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MySQL

User types:

There are 2 kinds of users for the proposed system.

  • Administrators: Administrators are the ones who manages the hotels around the multiple country.
  • Employees: Employees are the staffs who works for hotel. Limited authority has given to the employees.

Project Modules:

The Hotel Booking and Service portal project has following modules:

  • Account module: In this module online customer can register by entering name, email id, contact number, address, login id, password, etc. After the registration customer can login to the website by entering login id and password.
  • Hotel Module: In this module for administrator can add different hotel details, hotel rooms with hotel type.
  • Rooms module:  In this module, administrator can add rooms and it has options to add different types of rooms.
  • Room booking module: In this module customer can book the room .After booking the room customer will receive a booking receipt.
  • Spa and Beauty parlor: In this module customer can book date and time and they can select the different services provided by spa and beauty parlor.
  • Food order module: In the food order module customer can order food items through online. After the order bill generates under customer account.
  • Travel module: This module is for customer where customer can book a car for rent.
  • Payment Module: The customer can make payment for the bill.
  • Feedback module: In this feedback module customer can publish feedback and they can add reviews by entering ratings. The visitors can view all customers feedback details.
  • Dashboard module: This module is for administrator where administrator can add different room types, room details, room tariff details, hall details, etc.

Video Demonstration:

Download Source Code:

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