Age calculator in vb

VB.NET Program – Age Calculator

VB.NET Program – Age Calculator : This program will explain to calculate age by entering Date of Birth and Current date. After entering date of birth and Current date it will display birth day in the date of birth datetime picker and current day will display in the till now date time picker. In the result label it will display age in years with month and days. This is developed in VB.NET works with a very simple logic. Read more about VB.NET Program – Age Calculator


How to create variables in VB.NET

How to create variables in VB.NET

Hello, welcome to . This is a simple program which will explain how to create variables in VB.NET. There are three main types of data types in VB.NET. The three main data types are Integer,  Double and string. In VB.NET it works in just 3 steps. First is variable initialization, Second is Declaration, and third is execution. Read more about How to create variables in VB.NET

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