In this project we will explain how to generate barcode in VB.NET. Usally we use barcode feature in inventory or billing softwares. Even nowadays Barcodes are widely used in lot of softwares. We have searched in google for barcode generator library code, but we didn’t get free VB.NET Barcode Generator codings. Then after long search we got one VB6.0 codings that we converted from Visual basic 6.0 to VB.NET. Now its started generating barcode free of cost and its very user-friendly. Just one function code required to generate barcode.

Using this project user can generate bar code. This code you can implement in your VB.NET project. This works well and user can scan using bar code scanner. Usually barcode is a different type of font. Some companies provide paid plugins to generate barcode but we show how to generate barcode free of cost.

In the below example I have entered code 123456 and its generated code string Ñ1234560Ó  and that code string has barcode value which you can see in the result. Suppose if you want to store barcode value in database you have to code string in the database.

VB.NET Barcode Generator

Barcode font code128_0.ttf is there in the download folder. First you can install in your PC to work in this project.In this project code128_Renamed function generates barcode and displays in the text box. We have created this with Visual Studio 2012. Now in this VB.NET code user can easily utilize for reading barcode printed on paper documents.

In a bar Code you can store information like bill number, product code, pruduct name, any text and others. Barcode generator stores only item code or item number. Its not storing whole information about product. In the following source code we used Code 128 barcode font.

Download source code:

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Please note: You have to install code128_0.ttf font. else the project will not work.

Video Preview:

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