This project is aimed at developing an offline Application for the temple. Temple management system provides a user friendly interface. These systems use software programs that track each and every information of the temples. This stores different types of pooja and seva records, festival details, devotees and employee record, funds, kanike, marriage registration and many more.

Temple Management System

Languages to be used

Objective of Temple Management System:

This project provides application to the Temples in maintaining the day to day transactions.

  • Computerize the operations of Temples.
  • To control assists in Temple Pooja’s, Seva’s as well as Devotees.
  • To keep track of the payment transactions.
  • As well as the Temple revenue is maintained.

Module description of Temple management system :

  • Festivals: This module consists of information of the festivals organized by the temple along with the respective dates.
  • Pooja: This module consists of information’s of temple pooja which is held for the gods in the temple.
  • Seva: This module consists of Information of different seva’s available for customers.This also includes the cost of each seva.
  • Devotees: This module consists of personal information of the devotees who offer funds.
  • Employee: This module consists of information of the employees as well as monthly payroll details. There are two kinds of employees that is approved and unapproved. An approved employee salary is based on the basic and unapproved is based on daily wages. Approved employees will be registered to use the application.
  • Funds: This module consists of information of the donation received by the devotees or government for festivals, any special occasion etc.
  • Kanike: This module consists of information of the kanike’s as well as the collection amount and depositing details.
  • Marriage Registration: This Module consists of Information of the Marriage couples who got married in the temple.
  • Account Information: This module consist of Information of the temple bank accounts i.e deposit and withdrawal.
  • Schedule Management for Seva: This module consist of information of time schedules of the devotees for the respective seva.
  • Stock: This  module consist of information of the prasada available in the temple.
  • Temple Committees: This module consist of information of board members of the temple as well as volunteers.
  • Income and Expenses Report: This module consists of information of the expenses of the temples.

Database tables of Temple Software:

  1. Temple Profile
  2. Worshipping God
  3. Pooja Details
  4. Sevas
  5. Festivals
  6. Employee Details
  7. Designation
  8. User Information
  9. Devotees
  10. Devotee Seva
  11. Devotee Funds
  12. Kanike
  13. Expenses
  14. Marriage registration
  15. Bank accounts
  16. Schedule
  17. Stock
  18. Committees

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  • Project Source code
  • Sample Project Report
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