Here we shared Event Management System Synopsis. This project developed using JAVA and Oracle. This project has 5-6 modules. Java Swings used for Java Swings. Kindly check below information for details about Event Management Synopsis.

Title Of the project: I’ vent (Event Management System)

Objective Of the project:

The main objective of this project is to develop general purpose software for Event Management mainly to computerize the managing process. The proposed software will reduce the paper work as well as manual labour of the Company.

Project Category: Stand-Alone

Software Requirements:

  • Front end                            : Java
  • User Interface                   : Java Swings
  • Backend                               : Oracle 11g

Hardware requirements:

  • PC                                           :               Windows XP and above
  • Processor                            :               Intel Core Processor(TM) Duo
  • RAM                                      :               512 MB or higher
  • Hard Disk Utilization        :               2.80 GHz


Print media:

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Electronic Medias:

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Marketing and Promotion Event Management

Events are the part of any major corporate marketing package .Events reach people directly and the impact is worth the effect. being professional in this field, Event Management comes easy to us  at Nisarga .Not only do we help you conceptualize the manpower and machinery artistes and artisans ,  media  and merchandise and enable you to reach the masses  with all the fanfare your occasion deserves. We also smoothen your path by meeting the legal formalities, permits and security requirements.

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In fact, the many picture perfect events that we have orchestrated speak for our ability and creditability.

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Event organisers

  • Hot Air Balloon show the first of its kind in this part of the state ,it entertained thousands  of people during  Karavali Utsav .Coastal Karnataka’s prestigious  annual event
  • Inauguration of chemmanur Jewellers in Mangalore
  • Car Launch  Chevrolet Spark and uva
  • Co-ordinating Newspapers Education   campaign for Deccan Herald.

Future Scope of the Project:

  • Reduction of paper work
  • User friendly
  • Reduction of human efforts and manual labour
  • Additional features can be added to it based on requirements
  • Reduces time considerably

Download Event Management System Synopsis

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