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Bookshop Automation System SRS: The Bookshop Automation System is to automate all operations in a bookshop. Generally it includes the Order Processing, Stock Management and Accounts Management. Assam Online Portal SRS: The users of the Assam Online Portal request for information and…
love calculator

Love Calculator

The main objective of the Funny Love Calculator project is to calculate the love percentage of couples within few seconds. It is the mini project is developed using PHP language. It don’t need any database to store the names calculated. It is…
LAN Chat application

LAN Chat application

As the name suggests, the LAN chat is an application that allows a person to communicate with another person by sending messages through the software application. This application can also be called as online chat application. This can be implemented in the…
3-DimentionaL model

3-DimentionaL model

Computer graphics since ages and on, being used to portray things as visible to the human eye and this project is one such effort to represent a few graphical figure in 3-DimentionaL model.OpenGL provides a set of commands to render 3D objects…
Employee Association System

Employee Association System

Project title is Employee Association System is developed for bank employees association. This project source code is developed using Core PHP without framework and HTML-CSS template we referred from templatemo. Its responsive and very user friendly. For validation we used simple javascript and…
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