Computer graphics since ages and on, being used to portray things as visible to the human eye and this project is one such effort to represent a few graphical figure in 3-DimentionaL model.OpenGL provides a set of commands to render 3D objects that means you provide the data in an OpenGL usable form and OpenGL will show this data on the screen. The project is intended to depict the usage of graphics for prototyping the various geometrical models.

3-DimentionaL model

In the 3-DimentionaL model project ‘MULTIMIRROR’, the computer graphics concepts along with the OpenGL functions are used. It consist of geometric objects such as sphere, cone,teapot etc. The “multimirror”, which is implemented using OpenGL, makes the viewer familiar to different viewing concepts,lighting and shading concepts and many tools available in OpenGL. This project has a view of a room with multimirror. The main intension is viewing the object in user convenient angles. Each time we run the program, the default view of the multimirror is shown. Using keyboard function, the view of the room can be changed. And usingmenu function we can also change the rotating objects around the cone as required.

The room has many mirrors, a cone and a rotating object around the cone. We can see rotation of objects in mirrors. We also use coloring in OpenGL, lighting and shadows, menus etc. This project haskeyboard interactions. In the program it is implemented such that whenever the specified key in the keyboard is pressed, the top view of the room is visible. Also by using some specified keys we can increase the number of mirrors in the room.

Download source code of 3-DimentionaL model:

download source code

Download Project report:

download project report



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