This project is about Matrimonial Management System. The system is about to conclude the matchmaking of the Grooms/Brides. From this system he/she can able to find perfect life partner for their life. The System consists of several modules to undergo, which covers the informations/details of all logged-in persons.This system allows the individuals to get his/her informations such as Name, Gender, Religion, Caste, Marital status, Salary, Occupation etc., after Registration has made.The person looking for marriage can register and search for a profile that matches their requirements.This system can also allows individuals to search their requirements by Gender, Age, Religion, Caste etc. This project is developed using C++ programming Language.

Objective Matrimonial Management System:

Matrimonial Management System is the website application which will provide platform to a lot of Bride/Groom for finding perfect match. There are different sectors like Registration, Partner, Search, etc. So the Bride/Groom can get their interest for find their partner. Bride/Groom can directly search Partner according to their required criteria.The drawback of existing system is that searching a good life partner in this world is the times Consuming and cost effective. Online matrimonial system is used to overcome these drawbacks. This Secured Online Matrimonial System is a useful for a person of any religion who wishes to find a suitable life partner for himself or her.

Existing system

The drawback of existing system is that searching a good life partner in this world is the times Consuming and cost effective. Online matrimonial system is used to overcome these drawbacks.Already existing system contains the details of Grooms/Brides  as updated. eg., Name, religion, Salary etc.,In Existing system, there is possibilities of creating  fake accounts.The fake account creation has been done mainly by skipping  out the screen without entering the OTP  which has been received by the  given number.


The new thing we have proposed in the system was, If the candidate didn’t enter the correct OTP they received , they cannot able to create an account in the matrimony. In this manner,account creation by fake candidates has been reduces.Credit card  details  are also  be expected from prime candidates  for payment usage (But it is already existing) .

Modules Matrimonial Management System:

Admin Module:

  • The user need to Sign-in/login to create an user id in the matrimonial system.
  • Admin module’s work is to publish the user id and to create a database for both the paid members and free members using User management.
  • Paid members can able to contact with their required profile whereas free members cannot be able to contact with the required profiles but only they can able to view their profile and hence this process can be done by using the Admin module.     

        – By this manner the report for the individuals has been generated.

Candidate Module:

  • Candidate module is simply used to direct the candidate as well as to verifying the datas/informations of the candidate.
  • If the candidate is not registered it provides the registration link for registration to be done.
  • If the candidate is already registered it checks whether the details are correct or not.
  • If the candidate forgets the password, it provides a link for his/her mail-id to get logged-in back.

Service Module:

  • Service module can provide service only for the paid candidates.
  • The paid candidates are known to be a prime candidate, whereas the prime candidate can able to have the contact number as well as mail-id of their partner.

Expectation Module:

  • Expectation modules contains the particulars that the Grooms/Brides expects from their partner such as qualification, salary etc.,

Search Module:

  • Search module is used to search the Compatible pair for the Grooms/Brides.


  • admin module(1)
  • candidate module and service module(2,3,4)
Matrimonial Management System
  • search and expectation module(5)
Matrimonial Management System


Matrimonial management system is to provide Grooms and Brides with excellent matchmaking  experience by exploring the opportunities and resources to meet true potential Life Partners .This system provides a platform to a lot of Grooms/Brides for finding perfect match.


In future my project looks useful as today. If user necessities increase with a little effort  it can updated.This system maintains the proper levels of information , privacy and security around all the activities.

Download Project and Project report:

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