This project is aimed at developing an Advertisement Management system useful to admin to manage the different advertisement of the company. The Advertisement Management System (AMS) is a web based application that can be accessed online. This software can be used to store all the information about different advertisement of the company.

Advertisement Management system

The project entitled “Online Advertisement Booking in Newspaper” the main aim of the project is to provide live advertisements with the users selected images and content in newspapers. Main aim of this project is to provide a web based application for advertising agency to take orders from clients and improve chances of advertising business by going online.  The main theme is to provide advertisement in form of text, images. This project  is a service business dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertisements  for its clients. Customers can choose the advertisement types for the advertisements to be registered.

The type of ads are:

  • Text Classifieds
  • Classified Display Adds
  • Display Adds

Objective and Scope of Advertisement Management system

  • To generate the quick reports
  • To make accuracy and efficient calculations
  • To provide proper information briefly
  • To provide data security
  • To provide huge maintenance of records
  • Flexibility of transactions can be completed in time

Modules of the project:

  • Customer Registration:-Here the customer need to register to upload his Advertisements.
  • Adverisements:-It deals with Advertises uploaded by the customers.
  • Settings:– Here the Admin will create the Advertisement Category and Subcategory by which the Advertises will be listed.
  • Cost Settings:- Here the Admin will set the periodwise cost for Advertises uploaded.
  • Search:- Users can search the Advertises depending on the searching criteria’s like city,categories etc.
  • Mail:– Admin can send email to customers regarding the Advertises.


  • Allows booking of  advertisements in all leading newspapers in india.
  • Enjoy the convinience and time savings.
  • Simplest ad booking process.
  • One can choose various type of Ads easily.
  • Choice of Preview your Adds and make payment instantly.

Languages used:

  • Front End:
  • Backend: Sql(Structured Query Language)

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