We have developed a software for Online Product Auction System. Online-Auction is known by several names, including ‘electronic reverse bid Auctions’, ‘reverse auctions’ or simply ‘e-Auctions’. Online auction is a group which is based for auction. If you want to something sell by auction then you post that on website. It just a selling of products. This project user can do a bid on particular Products. The main objective of the e-Auction process must be to obtain best value and the highest price. It cannot be possible to achieve best value outcomes whilst the focus remains on price. There are two categories of persons one is customers and second one is vendor. Vendor can sell his products on this website and customer will purchase it. Product will be given to those customer who put a high bid price on product to purchase. One user can do a more than one bid on products. There are two categories of persons one is customers and second one is vendor. Both have their own registration form. There is a common login page for vendors and for users but when both login in, it would be easily find out that ether it is a vendor or a user because of their registration details because their registration forms are different. There are two home page i.e. one page behave different if vendor login then show the vendor’s menu or if customer will login then customer menu will show. Customers should have an appropriate knowledge of the e- Auction subject its market, its market price.. In this website anyone wants to sell products will have to register first then a unique id is given to the registered users. After registered user have to give details of their products like (price of product ,at what price he/she wants to start the bid, image of the product) if he/she wants to sell his/her product.

Online Product Auction System

Product will be given to that customer who put a high bid price on product to purchase. One user can do a more than one bid on products. After completion of bidding process all the bids are check and the product will give to that customer for purchase who has a high bid price. The bidding exercise will have a specified opening and closing time. The E-Auction will close when no new bids are received and the closing time has expired. If however, a new (lower) bid is received just before the Scheduled closing time, the allocated bidding time will be extended. User can also give their feedbacks about on this project. There would be Three type of feedback which user can give they would be negative, positive. And average experience of this project. If user have problem related and wanted to know that what is e-auction they can chat with the experts through live chat.

Online Auction is loaded with features and functionality that allows you to create an auction that is powerful and useful for buyers and sellers.

  1. User (customer, vendor)
    In our project there are two types of users one is customer who wants to buy products by auctions and another is vendor who wants to sell his products.
    At the time of registration user can select that he want to be a vendor, customer or both. If he select vendor he can login with his vendor id and password vendor can add his product details, edit existing product detail and he can delete product also. But he can’t participate on auctions to bid on a product.
    If he registers as a customer then he will login with his customer id and password he can choose any product which is available for auction from the menus then he can bid on that product. But he can’t set any product for auction to sell.
    If he selects both at the time of registration he can buy and sell products he can perform all the functions of customer and vendor.
  2. Auction management:
    In auction management module there are many sub modules.
  3. For vendor:
    • Add a product
    • Edit product information
    • And delete existing product.
    When a user clicks on ADD A PRODUCT dropdown will open in which user enters details about their products like (price of product, at what price he/she wants to start the bid, image of the product).Help is also available for users “how to add a product for auction”.
  4. Edit product info: If user enter wrong information about product and he/she want to edit the info then user will click on EDIT PRODUCT INFORMATION another dropdown will open and user will edit full details of the product.
  5. For customer: If a user login as a customer then he/she can bid on any product which is available for auction on the website. On his main page he has a menu from which he can choose the product for bidding. There is a categories menu from which he can select a product by their types like he want to bid on a car he will choose automobiles from the menu then he select car then all the list of cars will display on the page. He can select car on which he want to participate on auction. After adding his first bid on that item his name will appear on the bidder list of that item. After his first bid he will continue receive auction updates of that product. On his page. He can also quit his participation for that product any time. If he quit his name will remove from the bidder list and and the updates will also stops.
  6. Auction closing: At the end of auction date of the product if he puts the highest price for that product at the end of auction he got a mail that he won the auction and he can purchase that product.
    Payment gateway Mode of payment is done by credit card of debit card if a customer puts highest bid at the end of auction time then he can buy the product, to buy the product he has two options he can buy from the credit card or debit card. He has to enter his details then the product then the product is delivers to his home.

OBJECTIVE OF Online Product Auction System

The main objective of this project is as follows

  1. This portal gives selling/purchasing of product online.
  2. Any user have both type i.e. vendor and customer. If he/she sells the product then he/she is vendor and if he/she purchases the product then he/she is the customer.
  3. This website has bid history.
  4. The user can see the bid history.
    In this, there is a feedback from. If the user wants to give some feedback, he/she fill this form.

Software requirements


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