Project title is Employee Association System is developed for bank employees association. This project source code is developed using Core PHP without framework and HTML-CSS template we referred from templatemo. Its responsive and very user friendly. For validation we used simple javascript and AJAX technologies. All the record stores and retrieves from MySQL database.

Employee Association System

Project Title: Employee Association System

  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MySQL

Database connection:

This is the database connection string in our project. Page name is dbconnection.php

$con = mysqli_connect("localhost","root","anu123","employee_association");
    echo "Failed to connect to MySQL:".mysqli_connect_error();

Tables created:

We have created total 10 tables in this project. Following tables created in employee_association database:

  • branch : This is the master table which stores the branch details. This branch details useful to add employees under particular branch.
  • designation: This is the master table which stores the designation details.
  • discussion: This is discussion table which stores all the discussion details. The uploaded file stores in project folder and only the path stores in the discussion table.
  • discussion_reply: Discussion reply record stores in this table. This table is connected with discussion table.
  • employee : All the bank employees profile detail stores in this table. The foreign keys are branch id and designation id.
  • mail: Employees mail communication detail stores in this table.
  • news: News published by admin stores in this table.
  • subscription: This table stores employees subscripton details. Each employee has one year subscription. After one year the employee has to renew his subscription.
  • subscription_tariff: This is the subscription tariff settings table which stores branchwise subscription tariff details.
  • training_material: This table stores the training materials uploaded by the management.

Employee Association System Video Preview:

Download Employee Association Source code and Project Report:

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