This Online Charity Management System project helps charities to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs by eliminating much manual paperwork. The main objectives of this project is to develop  the charity which helps to raise funds through online, Online appointment feature for birthday celebration or any other activities ,Online Children adaption service and many more. Even if any food item remains in any function people can send request to charity. Charity employees can check all kinds of  reports after the login.

Charity Management System

Software Requirements:

  • IDE: Notepad++
  • Server
  • MYSQL database Server 7.0

User Types of the Project

The major user classes that are expected to use this product are as follows:

  • Administrator: Admin is the main user of the website who controls complete website with full authority.
  • Employees: Employees one who works for charity.
  • Donors: Donors can donate funds after the registration.

Modules of the Project

  • Donor module: This module is for donors to make an online donation. Donors need to register their profile before donation. They can login and they can check donations records and other reports.
  • Donation module: This module provides the key functions to automate and streamline the process of donation including printing and issuing receipts. Donors can make payment through online.
  • Fund Raiser module: Fundraising is the process of seeking and gathering voluntary financial contributions by engaging, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies. This module allows Abhaya ashraya charity to raise fund request in need to the various registered donor. Donors can view and donate in the fund raiser module. Management can view reports of previous fund raiser details and donation report
  • Food donors module: The mission of this modules is to end food waste and hunger to make “Hunger Free”. This module recovers surplus food from weddings, parties and functions and donate it to charity members. Donors can send request to charity people for food.
  • Online appointment module: Donor needs to take appointment before visiting Abhaya ashraya Charity. Admin or management has rights to Approve or Reject donors visiting request. Donors can view appointment approvals after login.
  • Child adaption service module: This module has Online Parent Registration for child adoption. User can search database of children available for adoption using any criteria. The adaption process will complete after legal process.
  • Members record module: This module shows members who stay in Abhaya ashraya Charity. Donors can view members profile details through online
  • Photo Gallery module: This module stores Photo album and gallery records
  • Employee account module: This module has two types of users. One is admin and another is employee. Admin is having full authority of the website. Admin or employees can login using credentials.
  • Report module: Admin or employees can generate and download reports related to donors, fund raiser, received donation, food donations, etc. This report includes donors profile, history of donations, members record and many more.

Demo Video:

Video All Project Demo

Download Link for Charity Management System:

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Download Link Contains:

  • Complete Source Code with Database Backup
  • Complete Project Documentation
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  • Ibrahim

    July 29, 2022 - 7:23 AM

    Your system is pretty good, I really appreciate it, And I like one of you product ( charity management system).
    How can I get it?

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