The purpose of developing Online hostel credit debit management system is to provide the platform for the hostel management to maintain the student credit and debit transactions without fail. The students who live in hostel are from various locations and they have the fear of losing their money if they keep it with them. Hence to safeguard the student’s money this system was designed. The hostel management will receive money from students and credit it to their account and whenever the student takes the money from hostel management, that amount will be debited from the student account. The students can view each transaction that happen in their account and they can also view the balance left with them for the further use so that they can spend it carefully.

Online Hostel Credit Debit Management System

The features of this system are as follows:

  • This Online hostel credit debit management system is the web application developed specially for college hostels.
  • The student who wish to login to the of website must make the registration by entering their course details. The student can login only when the admin verifies the account and activates it.
  • The admin must not only verify the student; admin must also add the staff by creating account for the staff and provide valid login credentials only then the staff can login.
  • The admin and the staff both can make the credit and debit transactions of the amount of the student. Each transaction includes the name of the staff who made that transaction.
  • The student can give the money to the hostel management any time and that money will be credited to their account. The student can view this by logging into the system.
  • The hostel management must give money to the student whenever they need it and that must make the debit transaction of that amount in that particular student account.
  • The admin or the staff can view the total amount they have which a total amount of all the students live in the hostel. They can view the overall transactions that happened each day, week, month or year.
  • The admin has the complete authority to view the transactions made by the staff and also individual students transactions can be viewed. The admin can also view only the credit or debit transactions separately.

Software Requirements:

  • XAMPP 1.8.2
  • Apache server
  • PHP 5.4
  • MYSQL server 5.5
  • Adobe dreamweaver CS 6.0

Video Preview:

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Types of Users:

  • Admin: The one who manages the entire website. Admin monitors all the activities that happens in the webpage and also monitors the alumni and staff accounts.
  • Staff: The staff is verified by the admin. The staff doesn’t not have all the authorities as the admin. But staff is also the one user who has prominence in the system.
  • Student: Student is the one who stays in the hostel and has to register to the website to use the system. Student can credit their money in the hostel management and they can take their money whenever they need.

Modules of Hostel Credit Debit Management system

  • Admin module: Admin is the one who manages the entire website and also has the full authority over all the activities of the Hostel credit debit management system. The admin monitors the other users of the website.
  • Staff module: Staff can login only after they are added by the admin. Staff must login using valid login credentials and only then they can make the credit and debit transactions.
  • Student module: Student is the most important user in the system. The student must register to the portal by adding their course information. Once the admin approves the student account and activates it the student can login to the account using valid login credentials.
  • Credit module: In this module, the admin or the staff can make the credit transactions of the money provided by the student into the student’s account. The students can view these transactions in their account by logging into the account.
  • Debit module: In the debit module, the admin or the staff can make the debit transactions of the money taken by the student from the hostel management into the student’s account. The students can view these transactions in their account by logging into the account.
  • Course module: The admin must add the course details available in their college hostel and only the students belonging to the course added by the admin can register to the website.
  • Transaction module: The transaction module allows the admin, staff and the students to view the credit and debit transactions of the student account. This also shows the details of the staff who make each transaction.
  • Report module: This module makes the staff to view the transaction details separately like credit details, debit details, daily transactions. The total amount available in the hostel management can also be viewed here. The admin can view each student’s account details.

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