The main objective of developing this College Income Expense Tracker(IE Tracker) project is to implement P&L formula for college management system. This system we develop for College to store all kinds of income and Expense records. College is not a business but we need to track and maintain complete transactions to run the college. The most important financial statement of any trust needs profit and loss statement. Our project designed to help to track and possibly control expenses.

IE tracker is an College Income Expense Tracker site for college. The aim of this site is to truck profit and loss i.e. income and expense of a college, also provide a platform for students to pay fee and stuffs to add viewing the students, to view their monthly salary. The students can use debit/credit card to pay the fees. The admin of the site takes care of the activities such as adding and removing of courses, subjects, students, accounts, services, transaction and staff members.

College Income Expense Tracker

Software Requirements:

  • Development tool: PHP : Hypertext Pre-processor, JavaScript, Ajax
  • Scripting server: Apache server
  • Data Base server: MySQL
  • IDE: Notepad++

Modules of College Income Expense Tracker:

  • Student account module: In this module student can login to the system to check Paid fees, balance amount, etc. Student can make payment through online.
  • Invoice Module: Custom invoicing options for tuition, library and other student fees with options to apply tax and fine rules to the invoices. Creates a recurring invoices and automatic billing for repeat payment schedules. Configure and schedule fee collection with a systematic instalment plan for student admissions.
  • Payment module: This module enables students to view fee payments, while parents can check student balances and make payments. Even college staff can enter fee payment details. After making payment the system generates receipt.
  • Expense module: This module stores expense transactions with expense type, expense amount, expense date, etc.
  • Payroll module: This module generates monthly salaries of the employee. After making Payment the system generates Payslip.
  • Dashboard module:This module stores Administrator and Employee records. Admin is having full authority of the website.
  • Settings module: This settings module stores Income category details, expense category details, course details and others.
  • Income Expense Report: This module displays income and expense report on daily, Weekly or monthly basis.

Video Demonstration

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Download Link for College Income Expense Tracker

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Download Link contains:

  • Complete Source code with Sample Database
  • Complete Project Documentation

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