Student Project Guide: Smart Gram Panchayath is a web application that is specially designed to establish an environment, wherein village public can easily communicate with the village councils. Our application features: administrator, PDO and village public. Administrator will handle the whole website and manage the activities of users. PDO will update panchayath services, application, payments and complaints filled by public. The village public will register to the application and avail for the facilities. This post has complete information of Smart Gram Panchayath Project Documentation.

Smart Gram Panchayath Project Documentation


Our project is aimed at achieving the solution for the problems that are faced by the public in villages. Through this application public can easily contact the PDO regarding any issues such as availing for services, complaints filling, bill payments, application filling and feedbacks. The PDO can easily keep track on the village problems and managements.


  • Browser: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.
  • Application Server: Wamp Server.
  • Other Software: Adobe Reader, Sublime Text Editor.
  • Language: PHP 5.4
  • Web components:HTML5, CSS
  • Scripting Language: JAVA SCRIPT
  • Operating system :  Any Operating System
  • Database (Back End):My SQL 5.6.12


    • Login: In this module the admin can be login.
    • Manage public: The admin can manage the activities of the public , such as manage their services and construction, complaint and feedback, birth and death details.
    • Manage PDO: Manages the PDO details.
    • Report preview: The admin can preview the report of the application such as manage house details, updated services details, payments details, new and notification.
    • Register: In this module the user can be registered.
    • Login: After user successful registration user can login.
    • Apply services: The user can  apply for services by filling  the application
    • Apply constructions: The user can apply for permission of construction by filling the application.
    • Pay bills: In this module the user can pay the bill amounts.
      • Pay now: Here user payment will be done.
      • Pay history: Here particular users payment details will be displayed.
    • Post complaints and feedback: Here user can  post the complaints to the Panchayath.
    • Birth and death information: This module enables the user to update the details of birth and death.
    • Birth: Here birth information will be entered.
    • Death: Here death information will be entered.
    • News and Notification: This module enables the user to see the PDO updated news and notification.
    • Change password: Here user can change old password into new password.
    • Login: Here PDO can be login.
    • Manage house details: The PDO will manage the public like updating, adding a family member etc…
    • Update services details: Here PDO  update the services details.
    • Manage application: Here PDO can manage the user applied application.
    • Services
    • Construction
    • Manage payment: The PDO can manage the payment details of the users.
    • Update news and notification: Here the PDO will update all news and notifications that are to be seen by users.
    • Complaints and feedback: The PDO will check the user updated complaints and feeback.
    • Birth and Death information:
      • Birth: Here PDO Check the User birth details.
      • Death: Here PDO check the User Death details.


Smart Gram Panchayath Project Documentation


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    November 23, 2020 - 6:03 PM

    How uneducated people use this web application if they have no Android how they enter complian ?

  • Niveditha m

    April 23, 2021 - 7:06 PM

    Is source code also included in this

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