Easy project of PHP

  1. Art Web Gallery
  2. Online Charity Management System
  3. Online make-up store
  4. Online shopping store
  5. Recommendation based online grocery shopping store
  6. Designing and development of an online computer mart
  7. My contact list application
  8. Online employee information system
  9. Digital Library Management system for college
  10. Online job hurting portal
  11. Online gift sport
  12. Get Physical Trainer
  13. Visual Arts
  14. Online couch surfing
  15. Online restaurant Management system
  16. Online lather point store
  17. E-book store management system
  18. Web based exam system
  19. GO green India
  20. University Recommender website
  21. e-classfire
  22. Kitab Ghar inventroy management system
  23. Food Recommender System
  24. Courier Management System
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