Wind Energy Vehicle


The main aim of Wind Energy Vehicle project is to develop a vehicle that runs using the wind energy. In this project, the wind mill generates the electric power from wind energy. We stored this electric power in a battery. The vehicle will get electric energy from the battery.


The main parts of this project are given below:

• Robotic vehicle

• Wind mill

• Battery

• Rotating blades

• Coil and permanent magnet

• Gear and wheel setup



The vanes in the turbine rotate at constant speed. By adjusting gear setup, we can control the rotation speed. The gear is connected with a magnet. This magnet rotates along with the vanes. The coil is fixed around the magnet.

According to the law of Faraday, “As long as there is a change in magnetic flux linked with the coil, an EMF is induced”. Hence, the electricity is generated in each and every rotation of vanes in the turbine. The electric energy generated from the wind mill is stored in a battery. The vehicle will get the electric energy from the battery.



• This project is user-friendly, portable and it reduces cost.

• Since this project not requires fuel, it is very economic.


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