Wind Based Water Pump


The main objective of the Wind Based Water Pump project is to draw water using the wind. The Rotating blades, Gear and wheel setup, one way Valves, the foot valve and Wind direction pointer, Suction, Cylinder, piston arrangement and delivery pipes are the main parts of this project. Description

Here, the vanes in the turbine rotate at constant speed. By adjusting the gear setup, we can control the speed of the fly wheel. The fly wheel is connected with a connecting rod. Whenever the fly wheel is rotated, the connecting rod will move up and down. The connecting rod is connected with a cylinder and piston arrangement. When the connecting rod moves up and down, the piston inside the cylinder moves up and down and thereby it operates a one way valve. When the piston moves up, the opening valve will close and when the piston moves down the opening valve will open. At the end of the suction pipe, we have connected a foot valve. There is a one way valve inside the foot valve. When the piston moves up, the one way valve will close and when the piston moves up, the one way valve will open. Thus, there will be an alternate water flow in the delivery pipe.


  • This system does not require electric power and fuel.
  • It is very cheap, user-friendly and works very efficiently.



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