Coin based solar mobile charger

Main objective of the Coin based solar mobile charger project is to charge the mobile phones through solar power based on coin system. It is just like solar mobile charger with pay system.


In this proposed project, we can charge the cell phones based on the coins inserted in to the box and LCD display will indicate no. of coins inserted in to the box. The power to charge the cell phones is gained from the solar energy. The user can select the specific cell phone module (like Samsung, Nokia etc) for delivering proper voltage output to the corresponding model. The proposed system is very economical and utilizes the solar energy to charge cell phones.

This system provides keypad arrangement to its user for selecting the model of his cell phone. When user presses the specific key of the related cell phone, this system will charge corresponding cell phone. The power required to charge the cell phones is gained from the solar energy. The micro controller section will controls all the other process and user input will be sent to the micro controller. The main advantage of this system is users can charge their cell phones using this system quickly when there is no electricity power.


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