Main aim of the Car Controlled System Operation project is to develop a system which can lock a car by providing the password. This system prevents unauthorized users from using the specific car. In the modern days now, thief is finding new ways to theft the vehicle and it is difficult to keep vehicle safe from theft. To solve this problem and to keep car safely in the public places like car parking in offices, shopping malls, hotels proposed system is developed. The proposed system locks the car engine using digital code locking method.

The alarm system in this project will rings and attracts public attention when an unauthorized person tried to move the car. The battery and petrol tank of the car will opens only when the user provides correct password using the keyboard which is connected to this system. If wrong password is entered system prevents its facilities to car user. This is the biggest advantage of the proposed system, wastage of petrol and battery can be prevented.

The proposed system is very helpful in finding the vehicle theft, because when he tries to move the car, system will ask the password to theft. He will enter the wrong password and the alarm in the system will ring continuously and attracts public attention and others can easily caught the vehicle theft. Alarm circuit will be got disconnected and alarm will stop ringing only if we provide the correct password in the system.


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