Car Controlled System Operation

Main aim of the Car Controlled System Operation project is to develop a system which can lock a car by providing the password. This system prevents unauthorized users from using the specific car. In the modern days now, thief is finding new ways to theft the vehicle and it is difficult to keep vehicle safe from theft. To solve this problem and to keep car safely in the public places like car parking in offices, shopping malls, hotels proposed system is developed. The proposed system locks the car engine using digital code locking method.

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Backside Accident Alert System for Four Wheeler

Backside Accident Alert System for Four Wheeler

Nowadays road accidents are very common in our society and these accidents will cause injuries to the common people. Sometimes people will die in the road accidents. We can’t predict when and how accident will occur. Today accidents are happening even for the standing vehicle by the other moving vehicle. We developed the Micro controller based Bus backside accident alert system to avoid such collision between vehicles. By using this system, we can avoid the accident between a vehicle and the other vehicle which is running/standing in the backside of the vehicle.

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