The main objective of the proposed project is to control a Spray painting robot through the personal computer. By using this project, the user can control all the operations of the robot via his computer. This project is very user-friendly and easy to use.

Spray Painting Robot


The main modules of this project are given below:

  • Robot
  • Personal computer
  • Controlling circuit
  • Computer Interface
  • Painting device

When the user presses a specific button in the keyboard of the computer, a digital signal will be generated. Later, this signal is transferred via a particular pin of the parallel port. By using this generated signal, we can drive a corresponding relay in the external electronic circuit. The relay can be used as a switch to control the particular motor in the device. In this way, the user can control any operations of the robot.

The user can move the robot in forward, backward, left and right direction. We have written the design and port programs in Visual Basic. In the future, we can implement this project using embedded systems with artificial intelligence. By using this device, we can easily paint all types of vehicles in any place. The Spray Painting Robot project works very efficiently.


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