Sales process system

The goal of this project is to convert the existing manual system to automated web based sales process system. The system to be developed is used to track the flow of activities such as offer, confirmation and execution of orders in the sales process based on the agent’s request and availability of goods. It also describes a user friendly graphical interface to carry out sales process of Arecanut between organization and agent.

Project title: Sales process system

The main objective of this system is to:

1.Track the flow of activities such as offer, confirmation and  execution of orders in the sales process which is a tedious job in manual system.

2. Access stock position and to effect sales.

This system has many advantages over manual system:

  1. It is not prone to human errors.
  2. It is reliable
  3. It is not a time consuming process
  4. Maintenance and retrieval of data.
  5. Generates MIS reports instantly.


The procured goods are graded, garbled then is kept in the inventory for sale. The goods in the inventory are sold at prevailing market rates. The customer will place order of certain variety, type and mark of Arecanut along with the quantity.

The manager will check whether the requested quantity of Arecanut is available in the inventory. If the ordered quantity is available in the inventory an offer is given to him and his request is processed. If the customer accepts the offer he has to confirm the offer within 24 hours. After the manager of campco receives the confirmation from the customer a bill is generated and given to the customer.

Modules of the project:

  • Login module
  • Request record
  • Agent record
  • Offer record
  • Confirmation and contract record
  • Inventory
  • Billing records

This is just idea of student project. We already developed this project in VB.NET and Oracle is used as backend of this project. Its uploaded in

Download project report>>


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