Main aim of the Airline Reservation System is to help the customers in reserving Air tickets through online. It is very efficient system which is evolved into the Computer Reservations System. This project is developed using ASP.NET and SQL database.

Online Airline Reservation System

Customer can use Computer Reservations System when reserving the ticket in specific airline and it is interfaced with a Global Distribution System (GDS). The travel agencies and other distribution channels use this GDS when making air ticket reservation for most of the airlines using only one system. The applications which support the direct contact with the passenger are called Passenger Service Systems (PSS) and ARS is the main part of this system. Airline Reservation System saves the time of the customer when booking tickets and he can get to know when the flight is delayed.  The air ticket agencies will get SMS alert when the flight is delayed and then he can inform it to the passengers. The customer can book ticket at any time, anywhere easily.

Project modules:

  • Registration module

In registration module first we ask passenger to give his details. After registering with us the passenger can logon to his/her own account and can view all flight details such as Timings, Prices, Availability of seats and can book the ticket with unique ticket id. Once Passenger registered with us can book any number of tickets.

  • Administrative module

Administrative module is provided for the sake of administrators to manage the site and update the content at regular intervals, the major operations included in this module are:

  • Create and maintain airline schedule, fare and timings of the Flight.
  • View the passenger list.
  • View the available seats in the flights.
  • Cancel the tickets.
  • Updating the flight schedule and timings and fare.
  • Passenger module

This module is meant for passengers, where a user logging into his/her owns account will view this panel. The major operations included in this module were

  • View all airline schedules, timings, fare details and seats availability.
  • Book for the tickets.
  • View and cancelling of the ticket.
  • Send feedback.

Behind these modules, it also includes additional WebPages like Password recovery console, Tips regarding journey, Traveling news around world and help regarding our site.

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