As the name suggests, the ePost Office Management System is an application that will allow reducing the manual work that is done at the post office. This application will provide an automated system in managing the post office related works. This application will manage all the transactions that take place at the post office. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on and implement in real time world. Most of the clerical work is reduced since it is done through this automated application. The transaction details can be directly viewed by the customers through this application with great ease. This project developed using PHP and MySQL.

ePost Office Management System

The post office management can update the SB, RD, SSA, TD through this module. Customers will be able to see the updated balance in their account. The post office management can add the bill details with great ease through this application. The customers can track the status of the registered letters through this application.

ePost Office Management System modules:

  • Login module: The customers can login to the application using the username and password through this module.
  • Deposit module: The transaction details of SB, RD, SSA, TD can be updated through this module.
  • Bill payment module: Through this module the electricity and telephone bills paid by the customers can be updated easily with great ease.
  • Money order payment module: This module will allow in updating the money order details paid by the customers with great ease.
  • Track consignments module: Through this module the customers can track the registered post or speed post by entering the consignment number.
  • Insurance module: This module will display the different insurance schemes that are available.
  • Dashboard module: This module will be displaying the dashboard or all the details related to the profile.

Module Description :

  • Login module:

This module allows post office management and customers to login to the system by entering login id and password.

  • Deposit module:

In this module management can update transaction details of SB, RD, TD, SSA. Customer can view account details and transaction details.

  • Bill Payment module:

In this module management can update Telephone and Electricity bill paid by customers. The system generates bill receipt after the bill payment.

  • Money order payment module:

In this module management can update money order payment details paid by customers. The system calculates commission and tax automatically and after the confirmation the system generates bill receipt. It provides facility to track the status of Money order details.

  • Track consignments module:

This is the online consignment tracking facility which allows customer to track speed post, or registered letter information by entering consignment number. Even the customer will receive a message after the item delivery.

  • Insurance module:

Insurance module which displays different insurance schemes for customers in the website. The main purpose of insurance module is any customer can view insurance detail in the website at any time without going to the post office. The customer can check the policy details, paid and pending premium payments, etc.

  • Dashboard module:

This module is for post office management where they can login and update transaction details, Electricity and Telephone bill payment, money order records, Register and speed post records, and insurance details.

Programming language:

  • Front End : PHP
  • Back End : MySQL Server

Video Demonstration:

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  • David Ugbe

    September 22, 2021 - 2:46 AM

    Please am intrested in your post office management system.I would like to implement it. Kindly contact me for further purchase.Thanks

  • Harsh Modi

    October 27, 2021 - 9:24 PM

    Hello Mam I am Harsh Modi today i and my friend Gauranshu Mathur boght this project for our college and i tried to run it as you shown but it is not running properly what should i do??

  • Sathya

    November 7, 2021 - 3:29 PM

    If i buy if it is work properly or any issues will be created

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