Now a days e-commerce site is widely used online business. We developing E-commerce trading portal website for Trading Company. The primary goal of a trading portal System is to sell wholesale products through online and the basic idea is that customer’s can buy wholesale products through online. It provides the user with a category of different product. The system helps in buying of items and products through online by choosing the listed products from website.

E-commerce Trading Portal

Structure of the program :

This existing system of buying goods has several disadvantages. It requires lots of time to travel to the particular shop to buy the goods. Since everyone is leading busy life now a days, time means a lot to everyone. Also there are expenses for travelling from house to shop. More over the shop from where we would like to buy some thing may not be open 24*7*365. Hence we have to adjust our time with the shopkeeper’s time or vendor’s time.

In order to overcome these, we have e-commerce solution, i.e. one place where we can get all required goods/products online. The proposed system helps in building a website to buy, sell products or goods online using internet connection. Purchasing of goods online, user can choose different products based on categories, online payments, delivery services and hence covering the disadvantages of the existing system and making the buying easier and helping the vendors to reach wider market.

Trading web portal is a e-commerce website system developed for Trading company. This system will simplify the daily management and daily business activity and improve the performance of this company. This project has main feature of  Purchase record management which allows to manage the purchase order record, purchase product expected receive date, purchase reture outward, product price details, new purchase details, delete existing purchase record, and view existing purchase record.

Advantages of the new system proposed

  • Choose products faster and easier at one place.
  • Saves time of travelling to the vendor/seller’s place.
  • Good/Trusted & Tension free delivery services. Products bought online will be delivered to the footsteps of the buyer free of cost (may be varied based on the vendor/seller).
  • Alerts and real time reporting through Emails (to both vendor as well as buyer).
  • Reports generated can be saved for future references.
  • Inventory reports for the vendor/seller on daily, monthly, yearly basis.

Modules of E-commerce Trading Portal

  • Login module:  In this module login option is provided to login. Also new signup option is provided to for new user to signup.
  • Category module: This module is to define different types of main category and sub category.
  • Products module: The shop owner has the authority to add or delete items from web mall. Shop owner also has the right to modify those details. This includes the information about particular product, such as product number, item, name, category, images of products, description, features, constraints of products, product price which are to be displayed on the website.
  • Shopping module: The customer can select the items and put it into a cart and as soon as he clicks on finish, the total amount to be paid is displayed and also provides discount if any. The customer can pay cash on delivery or else he can pay by entering his credit card number and address to which the items have to be shipped.
  • Billing Module: Here customer can view billing report and order reports.
  • Admin module: Administrator has full permission to access this web site. Administrator or employees can handle customer details, and he can communicate with customers through mail. If customer forgets his password employee can reset his password.
  • Report module: This module deals with report management of the entire system. Order Report will have the list of products ordered and the customer details who have bought that product, which are undelivered. Delivery Reports will generate products list, which are delivered to customers.

Existing Software

In existing system everything is manual like and he/she selects items which are available in shop and the merchant will calculate the bill for products selected by the customer and then shipping process will take place. Existing system is manual, everything we have to do manually i.e;

  • Maintaining customer records, their contact information, address and etc.
  • Maintaining the list of items present in the stores , their stocks,, cost of the items, Manufacturing date, Expiry date, Vat, etc. Everything was written manually in the papers or in the record.
  • Maintaining the record of incoming stocks and outgoing stocks
  • Billing process was done manually in the bill book.

Proposed software:

In the proposed system the customer can directly purchase items through online. The administrator can track sales record through online. Maintaining the items record, Billing etc should be completely automated and it should be very easy, should be interactive to the merchants and should provide accurate results.

The proposed system consists of :

  • Online registration system for customers
  • Online bulk order system for customer
  • Order tracking system for customers and administrators
  • A database to main all the records of the customers
  • A database to maintain all the records of the items
  • A accurate and automated billing process which is completely computerized

Languages to be used:

  • Front End:PHP: Hypertext pre-processor
  • MySQL: – MySQL Database server

Video Demonstration:

DOWNLOAD E-commerce Trading Portal Project

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Download Link contains:

  • Complete Source code with dummy database
  • Trading Portal SRS
  • Trading Portal Synopsis
  • Screenshots – Homepage Screenshot

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