Computerization of Bus Ticketing Facilities(CBTF) helps the employees of Travels to book, reserve and cancel tickets for customers which are currently being done manually. CBTF gives faster access to employees for checking availability of seats. Automatic calculation is done for refund amount in case of cancellation. This reduces the time spent and errors in calculation. In addition the users will be able to view reports regarding the seats of the bus of past 15 days. Customer information will also be saved. This helps employees to contact customers to inform them regarding any changes in the timings of the bus.

Computerization of Bus Ticketing Facilities

Reservation of seats: Here the customer tells the employee to reserve the seats of his choice where he gives his traveling details like the destination, date of journey, time, bus type and no of seats and seat nos. The system checks for availability, if available, the seats are reserved. The customer then selects the location of seats of his choice. Reserve no which is automatically generated by the system is given to the customer by the help of which he could book the seats. Customer information is taken such as his name and phone no. The customer will have to do the full payment and collect ticket before 4 days of his journey. Otherwise the reserved seats will be cancelled automatically by the system. Customer is limited to reserve maximum of 4 seats.

Booking of seats: Here the customer personally comes to the office and books the seat. The process of checking availability of seats is similar to the reservation process. The customer can book the tickets directly without going through the reservation process, if the customer has reserved the seats, then by specifying the reserve no, he could book the tickets.

Cancellation of seats: In the case of cancellation of reserved seats, the customer has to specify the reserve no, and cancel the seats. It can be done through a phone call. In the case of cancellation of booked seats, the customer comes to the office and gives the ticket. The employee with the help of the ticket number present on the ticket cancels the ticket. The system calculates the refund amount to be paid to the customer based on the two timings, time of cancellation and time of journey.

View Reports: The employee can view the number of seats booked and seats not booked for a particular route and on particular date. Reports of past 15 days can be viewed.

View Customer: The employee can view all customer details traveling on that particular date and time. Details such as his name, phone no can be viewed. This helps employees to contact customers to inform them regarding any changes in the timings of the bus.

Download SRS of travels ticket booking system


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