The Ad Server is a web server which delivers the online advertisements of the advertisers to their website clients. The technology and services which are used in placing ads on the websites are described by this Ad server.

Advantages of Ad Server:

  • The advertisers and websites can choose the ads, through which they can earn more money.
  • Can count total ads, can monitor the progress of various advertising campaigns.
  • Advertisers can deliver ads to their clients.

The ad server delivers advertising creative of organization, hardware, and software to the user’s browser. It will display ads in the browser, when a user clicks ads he will be redirected to the site which given that ads. The online retailers like flip kart, snap deal, eBay etc, online publishers and media are now earning huge profit by the online ad serving technology. Admin module, Publisher Module and Affiliate module are three modules of the ad server.

Admin Module: The admin can view the processes of all users at anytime, anywhere. All the activities of the each and every other user will be monitored by the admin. Admin will control all processes of the entire project.

Affiliate module: A new affiliate in the system will be created by admin or affiliate signing up happens outside system. A new affiliate will be put in either pending or approved state by admin based on this system setting.

Publisher module: A publisher is the individual or organization who is involved in the publication and dissemination of online advertisements in a website.


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