Ad Dispenser Server

A robust ad server is developed for automating the advertisements on various websites is called Ad Dispenser Server. By using this proposed software, we can serve our text ads about products or companies in websites. It is useful for the companies to develop their business and earn more profit. We can use different text styles of Google Ads in our text ads to attract people about our services or products.

The main user or admin of Ad Dispenser Software can restrict other users from modifying or viewing specific objects. In this system, users can modify or view the selected banners campaigns, zones or sites, which are permitted by the admin of this software. Admin also has the right to prevent users from editing the contents and reports about products or services.

When a user is searching for a page or contents about specific subject, this software displays ads related to that keyword. This is very useful for the user to get information quickly and efficiently. For better control on your ads you can set a URL variable name for each zone. It helps the companies or organizations in various ways to develop their business and get maximum profit. You can add images to your ads to attract people and to get more impression and clicks on    ads.

This software displays more effective ads which attracts the people and clicks that displayed ads. When a user clicks on ad, he will be directed to the specified company’s website which given that ad. It is confirmed that the banners about products or services of various companies attracts more people by Automatic Effectiveness calculation. The biggest advantage for user of this software is that, he can store the images on a web server directory if required. It understands the needs of busiest websites and utilizes server-side caching to meet that needs.

The user of this software can limit the number of unique impressions or clicks on his ads for each client. This software works very efficiently and meets all the requirements of its users and clients.  The ads to the clients are served by the user of Ad Dispenser Software.

Software Requirements:

Front End:   PHP

Back End: Apache HTTP server 2.2

Operating System: Windows XP/7

Hardware Requirements:

RAM: Minimum 1 GB or more

Hard Disk: Minimum 60 GB or more


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