Body Motion Information Collection

This Body Motion Information Collection project retrieves multiple -point accelerations information’s using multiple- Knot network technology.


Main aim of this project is to gather accurate information about human body which reflects the truthfully human body motions.  It will perform many experiments to retrieve information about different human body motions and later it analyzes and verifies this information. Now different fields like physical exercises, computer games controlling and health recovery training are using this information. This project also performs few mathematical calculations on acceleration component information such as motional track and dynamic process.


The acceleration of each and every part of the mobile limbs or other parts of the human body will change in accordance with the human body motion from its beginning to the end. The acceleration changing regularity of a motion will be very close when that motion is repeating again and again.

For example, when a three-axis acceleration sensor is put on some typical point of specific human body part then we can collect the accurate three acceleration components X_Y_Z of that typical point in the motion process. The acceleration components information like motional track and dynamic process about that typical point can be calculated by the mathematical calculation. The detailed information about the measured human body motions is obtained by the comprehensive analysis of the gathered data and then we can digitalize that human body motion information.

The multi-knot internet technology is used to collect the acceleration information of multiple typical points simultaneously. It also transmits that information to modern computers for analyzing on the motion information collection platform.

Now fields like physical exercises, health recovery training and computer games controlling are using this platform for retrieving information about human body motion.


Micro fabrication technology is used to integrate the mechanical elements, sensors, actuators, and electronics on a common silicon substrate. This integration is called Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS). This technology controls micro actuators and micro sensors, helps in development of smart products, size of possible designs and applications can be expanded and also increases computational ability of microelectronics.

The compatible micro machining processes are used in manufacturing the micro mechanical components, Integrated circuit (IC) process sequences like CMOS, Bipolar, or BICMOS processes are used in manufacturing electronics that selectively etch away parts of the silicon wafer or add new structural layers to produce the mechanical and electromechanical devices. In MEMS, the micro machining technology is used to bring silicon-based microelectronics together


We can get information about the human body motion by using this project.


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