Body Motion Information Collection

This Body Motion Information Collection project retrieves multiple -point accelerations information’s using multiple- Knot network technology.


Main aim of this project is to gather accurate information about human body which reflects the truthfully human body motions.  It will perform many experiments to retrieve information about different human body motions and later it analyzes and verifies this information. Now different fields like physical exercises, computer games controlling and health recovery training are using this information. This project also performs few mathematical calculations on acceleration component information such as motional track and dynamic process.

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Solar Based Electromagnetic Breaking System

Solar Based Electromagnetic Breaking System is developed to avoid collision of vehicles. This system is based on solar system which uses Object sensor in either two or four wheeler vehicles. In the Automobiles field it is very useful in avoiding many accidents. The main aim of this project is to help the vehicle riders in riding their vehicle safely.

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Fingerprint Based Voting Machine

The main aim of the proposed project is to provide easy access to make vote in the voting machine with the help of fingerprint and to improve the security of the voting machine.

We can improve the security performance in the voting machine by using this project. In the proposed project, we are using user’s fingerprint as the Voter ID Card. Presently many people are making duplicate voter ID. To solve this problem we developed this project in which the human fingerprint is used to cast the vote. Hence with the help of fingerprint technology, we can avoid duplicate votes because finger print is different from one person to another person. Also we can improve the security performance of voting machine by using the proposed project.

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