E -Cash Pay Off For Fuel Station

The main objective of this proposed project is to develop the security system for filling petrol to the vehicles at the Petrol bunk without using the human beings.


Nowadays, many petrol bunks are using the petrol card system for filling the petrol to the vehicles. This system provides a smart petrol card to each and every user. By using this card, he can fill petrol to his vehicle at the petrol bunk. Also he can make prepaid recharge to his smart card. Whenever the user wants to fill the petrol to his vehicle’s petrol tank,  he can place this petrol smart card in the card reader. The card reader is interfaced to the microcontroller with serial interfacing.  The microcontroller will reads the data from the smart card reader. It asks how many litres petrol is required, which will be displayed on the LCD screen. Later, the user should enter the required number of litres of petrol through keypad. The keypad works as a input to the microcontroller. After reading this value, the microcontroller will check the available balance in the smart card. If it is sufficient then the petrol filling process will be started. After filling the required quantity, a buzzer will indicates the process of completion. If balance is not sufficient in the smart card, then the petrol filling process will not start.


The main purpose of this project is to provide a security based accessing system for filling petrol at the petrol bunks. This system should provide the prepaid recharge facility to the customers. Also it should reduce the risk of carrying money every time.



Smart cards are providing the security services to a wide range of applications for over thirty years. They are also referred as secure tokens. Nowadays, smart card technology has changed dramatically. From many years, the researchers have tried to connect smart cards to the Internet. By connecting smart cards to internet, we can eliminate smart card specific infrastructure and can include more providing services.

Today, smart cards are becoming increasingly more famous for security and personal identification applications. Smart card contains one or more microcontrollers embedded in them. These microcontrollers will manage the storage of sensitive data and access to sensitive data. This data is stored in memory devices on the smart card. A smart card is an integrated circuit card that forms a part of a circuit or system when engaged with a smart card interface. The smart card contains a smart chip. This chip provides a means for identification and a means for secured electronic transactions. The smart card uses a serial interface to receive its power from an external source such as a smart card reader. The integrated chip is embedded in the smart card and it operates to process specific transactions.


By using this project, we can develop a secured system for filling petrol to the vehicles at the petrol bunks using Smart Card based Accessing System. This system is very useful for the vehicle riders.


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