Fingerprint Based Voting Machine

The main aim of the proposed project is to provide easy access to make vote in the voting machine with the help of fingerprint and to improve the security of the voting machine.

We can improve the security performance in the voting machine by using this project. In the proposed project, we are using user’s fingerprint as the Voter ID Card. Presently many people are making duplicate voter ID. To solve this problem we developed this project in which the human fingerprint is used to cast the vote. Hence with the help of fingerprint technology, we can avoid duplicate votes because finger print is different from one person to another person. Also we can improve the security performance of voting machine by using the proposed project.

• Finger print sensor

• Micro controller

• Arm processor circuit

• RS 232 converter

• PC

• Alarm driver circuit with alarm

• Key pad

– are the main components of this project.

A special type of sensor which is used to identify the fingerprint of a person is called as Fingerprint scanner. By using the arm processor circuit, Finger print sensor is interfaced with the microcontroller. When a finger is placed on the sensor, the arm processor circuit will activate the finger print scanner. Then the related data is saved in the microcontroller.

In this project, with the help of RS 232 converter, microcontroller is interfaced with computer. We can convert TTL logic in to RS 232 logic by using the RS 232. The microcontroller sends the related information to the personal computer. When a person places his finger on the finger print sensor, that sensor transfers the related data to the microcontroller. Here the microcontroller is the flash type re-programmable microcontroller which is already programmed.

The data from the finger print sensor is received by the microcontroller. Then it compares the received data with stored data. If the received finger print is valid for that voter name mentioned in the voter ID card, then microcontroller will show the  information as “Enter your vote” on the LCD display. Then user can make vote to his desired person by using the keypad. Each key in the keypad represents one candidate name or his symbol. The microcontroller will show the “Authentication Fail” message on the LCD display if the entered finger print is not valid for that particular voter name. Also it activates the driver circuit for alarm. So if the authentication fails alarm will make sound.