Solar Based Electromagnetic Breaking System

Solar Based Electromagnetic Breaking System is developed to avoid collision of vehicles. This system is based on solar system which uses Object sensor in either two or four wheeler vehicles. In the Automobiles field it is very useful in avoiding many accidents. The main aim of this project is to help the vehicle riders in riding their vehicle safely.

Brief Methodology:

The requirements of this proposed project are given as following:

• Microcontroller

• Solar panel with battery.

• Object sensor

• Driver circuit

• Relay

• Electromagnetic core

• Breaking system

In this system, object sensor is used to sense the object/ vehicle and it sends corresponding electrical signals. These signals will be given to amplifier circuit because they are very small mill voltage signals. Amplifier circuit will work like power amplifier when it is connected with operational amplifier. Then the signal conditioning unit which is created with operational amplifier will get these amplifier signals. Circuit operational amplifier will generate the square pulse and sends these signals to microcontroller. The microcontroller will work according to our programmed object and it may be ATMEL/PIC/RENESAS/ARM microcontroller.

In this project, the microcontroller will activate the driver based on the object sensor value. The driver circuit which is developed with transistor will play the key role in controlling the relay output. The electromagnetic core which is attached in the breaking system is always connected to the relay output.

In this system the winding coil will be placed around the break when we apply break to the vehicle. At that time electromotive force will be generated which suits with the suitable mechanical set. The generation of electromotive force will be stopped and the coil winding releases from the mechanical set when we released the break.

The solar power will control the entire kit. The silicon cells in the solar panel will generate the voltage signals and then these signals are given to the charging circuit. The generated voltage amount will be getting increased in accordance with the panel board size. The voltage signal from the panel board is gathered together and will be stored in the battery.



Any type of vehicles can use this system.

It is very economical and very useful to the users.

Power consumption is less.

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