Virtual Class Room

Virtual Class Room

Virtual Class Room is a new educational concept. Students from different places can learn their desired courses through online by using this system. Students can use this system for giving the online examinations to the specific subjects and get their results quickly. The Educational experts and the Students all over the world who are online are binded together by this system and experts can teach students in a virtual classroom through online. Virtual Class Room Project uses an important tool called Exam management for conducting exams to the students.

Software Requirements :

JAVA Internet technologies such as servlettes, AFC, JavaScript, socket programming as Front End

JDBC with ORACLE as Back end.

The users of this system such as experts and the students who learn from experts will feel that they are together and can solve their doubts quickly and can learn the courses efficiently. They can easily interact with each other at any time through internet irrespective of the large distance between them. Any student from all over the world can join this system by making registration in the website and can select any course from the list of available courses. The caste, creed, religion, age or skin color of the student not matters in the Virtual class room system. If he is satisfied by the rules and regulation of this system he can join and can learn courses online. JAVA technologies played an important role in making these functionalities in this proposed system.

A student will get his own user id and password after successful registration to the system. He can login to the system by providing his user id and password in the login page. Once student logins to the system, he can view the lessons that are taken by the experts through online and can solve his doubts and queries about lessons by asking questions to experts. Experts will give the right answers to the student’s questions. Every student will get similar white board on their computer screen. When an expert makes changes in his whiteboard, same change will appear in the computer screen of all students who are learning that particular lesson. This is due to the white board technology used in this system. This is very useful for both student and experts who can experience world class room when they are learning in this system and interaction between each other is also much easier and efficient. This system also provides chat application, by which student can chat with other student users who are online.

The courses available in this project are designed by the educational experts all over the world. The experts uses sophisticated course management, module-management, topic management interfaces in developing the new courses.  They can change the contents of the courses easily and helps the students in understanding the lessons. The characteristics of a real world classroom like various types of examinations, assignments, grading etc are derived to the Virtual classroom.

The student performance is regularly evaluated by the teaching faculty. After evaluation, report card for the student will be generated by the system and will be sent to student through bulletins, notice boards, e-mails, reporting systems etc. This system comprises of nineteen modules. A student must qualify all rules and regulations of examinations he appears. In online exam, results are generated quickly.

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