Online Examination System

Online Examination System (OLES) is a website in which the many students simultaneously appeared in the exam. The exam can be of different technology and the question paper will be randomly generated. The evolution of all the papers is done online by the softwareThe Integrated Software Solutions include complete solutions in Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Executive Information Systems, Supply Chain Management, e-Business solutions, Development of Application Software and customized solutions, IT Facility Management and other related professional services. The Solutions we provide are complemented by full range of services, creating a single window for customers for all their IT needs, thus facilitating single point of accountability.

Online Examination System

The main Objective of my project (Online Examination) is to replace tiring paper work involved in the manual Examination management system. Online Examination System, System will hold ONLINE tests in different technology to candidates and evaluate their scores in various tests and store the results of registered candidates after that provided certified professional certificate. Further, He or She who is searching Jobs in MNC This score which have got in this Test, Help for getting job and The all Companies are given the values of this scores So the user will be ahead to all the competitors and user will be get benefit in the company’s Interview.

The on line exam in today’s life  is very important ,user give the test at any time and any where no need for giving the exam by specific date so user will be take benefit by on line exam.

OLSE Project includes the following modules:

  • User
  • Registration
  • Administrator
  • Test
  • Database Design

Users: There are three types of users of the system, users who wants to take test, admin of the system, and guest users for demo.A guest user can only take sample tests, and access certain areas of site.



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