Inventory management is one of the crucial tasks that the industries need to handle at times.

Inventory Management System

This project Inventory Management System has been developed to keep track of detail regarding the equipments. The current product is a window-based. To provide the basic services related to the Supply of the equipments to maintain their PRE-SO (Supply Order) and POST-SO details. The product will take care of all the supply orders. Pre-So is maintained from the starting of the financial year. It is concern to keep the records of each Supply Order, which is received, from firm, supplying equipments. These equipments are then assigned a unique ISG Number given by BRO, further they are supplied to different project departments of BRO.

After the completion of PRE-SO, BRO maintains the POST-SO worksheet. The supply and liability to the current year is being prepared in this worksheet. First the details of the supply order for the current year is prepared at the end of the current year followed by the liability worksheet that is being carry forward.

At last Guide Sheet is formed that include budget allotted, liabilities of last three year cleared in current year, liabilities to be carry forward to next year.

Title: Inventory Management System

Tools & Technologies used :

  • Microsoft-SQL Server 2000
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Visual Studio .Net 2003

Keywords : ISG,RSG,SO Num, Part Num, Rate or LPP, V/E/P Type, ESC, Tender Price, Price List, ESD, WSD,LPP Reference.

Proposed System Functionality

The proposed system will be designed to support the following features:-

  • The proposed system has a user friendly Interface for porting of data to server.
  • The proposed system provides the facility to pull the data from the server of the specified Supply order number and get the respective report.
  • The proposed system provides the no replication of data.
  • User can get the desired output according to their queries .This is an added advantage.


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