The control of the inventory is most tedious job in the industries. All the information can be got in just one stretch through the sales inventory management application. The details related to the sales, stocks etc can be got in just one stretch through this application. This will be one of the applications that will be very useful to the industries in managing the application with great ease.

The main objective of Accounting and Sales system project is to develop a system for the company which maintains the accounts which includes the bills, receipts, and monthly sales of the company as well as the employee payroll.

Accounting and Sales system

Accounting and Sales system

This software also used:-

  • To generate the quick reports
  • To make accuracy and efficient calculations
  • To provide proper information briefly
  • To provide data security
  • To provide huge maintenance of records
  • Flexibility of transactions can be completed in time

Project Description:

The project ACS  is used for maintaining the Accounts, Sales, Employee Payroll  of the Company Associates.

Accounts: Company has provided the plots for tenants either by ownership or by Rent.Bills such as Electricity,Maintenance,Service Tax,Rental are generated along with the Reports by the User(Admin). Once the Payments are done by the Tenants Receipts will be given by the User(Admin). Depending on the Due payments Outstanding Reports are shown.

Sales: Company deals with Manufacturing and selling  of Ice Blocks to the Customers as well as retailers. Daywise Sales Details are Maintained.For Every 15 days Sales Reports are generated for the Customers.

Sales Account: Depending on the Sales Reports, Bills are generated twice in a month for the customers.

Employee Payroll: Depending on the manufacturing and storage quantity of Ice Blocks the Commission is calculated for the employees. Monthly Commissions are added up to Basic Salary of the employee, Hence the Salary is calculated.

Project category:

RDBMS(Relational Database Management Systems)

Languages to be used

Front End:


Back End:

SQL(Structured  Query  Language)



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