The main aim of the Intelligence Knowledge Based Retorter system is to manage all the services that are provided by the business organization with great ease. It can help the customers to lodge their complaint regarding any services that are provided by the business organization. This application can act as a bridge in solving any issues or problems regarding the services that are provided by the business organization. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on in real time world. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand even by the common man. This application can help in assisting the customer by providing a brief solution to the problem specified by them.

Intelligence Knowledge Based Retorter

The customer can lodge the complaints regarding the issue or the problem that the customers are facing and obtain solution to it from the customer representatives without any difficulty. The customers can also view the status of their complaints that they have lodged by using the complaint number.

The modules that are included in the intelligence knowledge based retorter are as follows:

  • Client module: This module will deal with the details related to the clients of the business organization with great ease.
  • Frequently asked questions module(FAQ): This module can give the details of the frequently asked questions by the customers regarding the services provided by the business organization.
  • Quality analyser module: This module will deal with the quality of the answer or the solution that is provided by the particular person of the organization.
  • Customer support representatives module(CSR): This module will contain the details of the customer representatives who will give the solution to the customers problem.
  • Reports: This module can help in generating the daily reports regarding the problems or issues and the solutions given by the customer representatives.


  • The goal intended to be attained by Intelligence Knowledge based Retorter (IKR) is to provide online support to its customers with proper time management.
  • To develop a system to assist the customers   by providing   solutions   for   their complaints.
  • To promote various products of a business organization.


  • IKR acts as a helpmate for the customers to give their problems online whenever the customer needs, without any constraints implied on them. This system helps the customers to briefly explain their complaint without any hesitation.
  • This System will allow the business process to run efficiently and will be used   to   assist  or  satisfy  the   customer   by  giving  a  brief  solution   for  their  complaint  within   a   minimum  amount of time.
  • Through this system the customers are assisted with some frequently asked questions which save the precious time of the customers.
  • The customers receive the solutions for their complaint in a brief way within a day and the customer can also view the status of the complaint at any time using the complaint number.


  • This software system will be a web project to promote the company name and products of the company. This project reflects services, especially when we provide detail about the operations.
  • This system focuses on receiving the complaints from the customer, distributing complaints to the customer support representatives, solving complaints based on some constraints, solved complaints are verified  by the team leaders, providing  accuracy percentage to  the  customer support  representatives based on failure constraints, validation engine  which  is  used  to provide the solution to a repeated complaint.

Download Intelligence Knowledge Based Retorter:

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