This project is fully developed for the testing team of Software Development Companies. The Main Function of Software Testing Maintenance System is to Accept Requirement, test plan, test case, and Defect Tracking form various Projects.  Bug Tracking helps you maintain a project database of tests that cover all aspects of your application’s functionality. To meet the various goals of a project,you organize the tests from your project database into unique groups.

Software Testing Maintenance System

With Bug Tracking, you maintain a project—a database of tests, from a project, you can build test sets—groups of tests executed to achieve a specific goal. For example, you can create a test set that checks a new version of the software,or one that checks a specific feature. As you execute tests, Test Director lets you report defects detected in the software.

Existing System:

The existing system is computerizationwith excel sheet. These systems are maintained by Software testing totalreports. Software testing is a complex process involving the development andexecution of thousands of tests. Often, tests are required for multiplehardware platforms and software versions. Managing all aspects of the testingprocess can be time-consuming and difficult

Types of Testing Process in our project:

  1. Writing Test plan
  2. Writing Test case & Executing TestCase
  3. Bug Tracking
  4. Reports


  • Front End Tool : Asp.Net, C#
  • Back End Tool : MsSQL 2000

Download Source code:

Project Screen shots


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