Electronic Mail Server

Electronic Mail Server

The main objective of the electronic mail server is to simplify and implement the inter personnel communication in an infra-organizational setup. This system follow client-server method, in which user will become the client and website will work on the server. The server will respond to the client user’s request for services and transfers required information to the client. The server based organizational administrator is the main user of website, who controls the activities of site and administrates the website. The Internet users will operate the website.

The administrator has the right to limit the number of users who register to the site as members. The important information which is lost during serious breakdown can be restored by him. The total no. of mails a particular website user can store will be controlled by the administrator.

The website user can access the facilities provided by the website from anywhere in the world at any time. He operates website as client and gets the required information from the website.

Electronic mail server needs an internet connection with its entire infrastructure. The facilities provided by the website to the user are given below. A new user needs to be getting registered to the website. After registration he can communicate with other users through internet. He can compose new e-mail and send important information and official status on a particular aspect to his friends, colleagues. Also he can delete the unwanted messages like company messages from his mailbox and can modify his personal information like mobile number, password and other details.


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