Bandwidth monitor

Bandwidth monitor

The Bandwidth Monitor monitors network and internet bandwidth. The user can check internet bandwidth by using Bandwidth monitor application.  This project is developed to help a user whose internet plan has bandwidth limit. It analyzes the bandwidth information and displays it through a graphical interface. A bandwidth monitor displays an ongoing readout of real-time connection speed, both upstream and downstream, and the amount of data transferred in both directions.

Bandwidth Monitor Features:

  • Bandwidth Monitor monitors Internet bandwidth.
  • It displays real-time download and upload speeds, and logs, history, etc
  • Bandwidth Monitor views bandwidth usages reports: Daily, Weekly, monthly, and Datewise
  • It collected data and displays the analysis of data through graphs, bar charts etc.

Solution Design:

Two modules of this project are:

  1. Daemon process- is used to collect the data and adds to the already existing data.
  2. Interface – is a module which uses the collected data and displays the analysis of data through graphs, bar charts etc.

Implementation plan:

Python and PyGtk graphic library are used in developing the interface module. C++ programming will be used in coding the Daemon process. The Daemon process will collect the data using some Linux utilities.

Evaluation Plan:

The daemon process will be placed on different machines after we completed the daemon process. Before we complete the Interface, Daemon process will collect the some amount of important data from different machines and we will use the collected data as test cases. We can use the testcases for testing the correctness of interface.


The user who is having internet bandwidth limit can use this system.

We can place this system on Central server to check the internet bandwidth usage of its associated clients.

We can add some administrating ability to this project by making some modification.

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