Book Rental System

The main advantage of the computerized book store system is admin user can administrate rental of books in a book shop by using computer. Computer can solve the difficult, tough problems in recording, processing and storing data and information. Admin user can do the tasks like adding new books to library, rent books to customer, and enter customer detail and book return date by using this proposed system. We can also use computer to speedup transaction data, recording of data books and tenant data on the book shop. The book rental system reduces the manual work and stores important data properly. In the scientific writing, we can get to know how Microsoft visual basic6.0 simplifies and speed up the recording of data books, tenant data and transaction data without fear of losing any important information. In this system, the admin user can retrieve the details like which books are given to the customer, its return date, how much customer has to pay after expiry of return date etc quickly. Also he can add new customer user to this system by filling customer details in computer and new customer can take book for rent after successful registration.

Advantage: Large book shops, libraries can use this proposed system to store records in computer and to administrate the entire process automatically.

Software Requirements:

    Front End: PHP

   Back End: Apache HTTP server 2.2


Hardware Requirements:

RAM: Minimum 1 GB RAM or more

    Hard Disk: 60 GB HDD or more

Operating System: Windows XP/2000/7

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