Voyage Management System

Voyage Management SystemIn the existing system, when any user plans to go for trip with his friends/ relatives he needs to contact the traveling agency for buying the package. Also he needs to make traveling reservations from source place to destination place, reserve hotel at destination place and if he is going to other place from destination, he needs to make travel reservation to other places too. To do all these reservations he needs to wait in the queue for long time in the travel agency. We developed Voyage Management System to provide solution to all these problems we face in the manual system.

The main aim of the Voyage Management  System is to provide all the required facilities to its customers. This system should work efficiently and save its user’s time. The main features of voyage management are: Ticket reservation for any travel, Booking any travel packages, hotel reservation and other reservations.


  1. User Module
  2. Reports Module
  3. Distance Calculator
  4. Currency Converter

-are the modules of voyage management application.

1 .User Module:

This module gives complete information about all customers and their responsibilities when they are accessing the portal. A user needs to register to the Voyage Management portal and after successful registration he/she will get a username and password. He can login to the portal by providing this username and password and can get all the facilities provided by this project.

2. Reports Module:

The administrator of portal will use this module to generate various reports about customers like total no. of customers who registered to this portal, no of reservations done by the customers in this portal etc. Only administrator will control this module.

3. Distance calculator:

A customer can calculate the distance between source and destination places using Distance Calculator. It gives an idea to the customer that which booking facility he can use on the basis of distance between cities because he can book a car for the short distance or we can book train, cruise and flight for large distances. The customer can choose the better booking facility which comes under his budget with the help of this module.

4.      Currency converter:


The foreign visitors will use this module to know their currency value in India. Currency Convertor will convert the foreign currency to Indian rupees and gives value of foreign currency in Indian Rupees. It prevents the foreign visitors from getting cheated by others in India.


Operating System: Windows XP/7

Front End: Core Java, Adv Java (i.e. JDBC, Servlets, JSP)

Back End: Oracle

Web Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, CSS

IDE: My Eclipse

Web Server: Tomcat

Software: J2SDK1.5, Tomcat 5.5, Oracle 9i


Processor: Minimum Pentium Processor

RAM: Minimum 256MB or more.

Hard Disk: 80 GB or more

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