POS Inventory Management System

POS Inventory Management System

The main purpose of this POS Inventory Management System project is to manage the inventories efficiently. Nowadays also databases are evaluated on the basis of inserting new data, updating or modifying the existing data. In this project, we not concentrated on the on ground data entry and we concentrated more on the public dealing. This project will give you notification about the current status of the stock and it will take care of all types of inventory management. You need to put your PDA on the synchronization cradle regularly. Large scale companies are the main scope of this project because large scale companies are having high reputation and they has largest customer base. The executives are required to be with the clients and they will not get time to wait for the inventory management staff to provide the latest inventory information.  The famous quote in corporate world is that, if you need fast and reliable response then you need to automate the things. Our project will automate the inventory management.


The system is developed in an emulator environment of 8 MB memory and it is tested in a 16 MB memory. The price of Treo 650 is very costly and so we are not able to move up for the higher memory devices. This system will notify its owner about the current status of the particular stock when the owner is trying to take any important decision related to that particular stock. This system will help the executives when making any decisions related to the particular inventory. It will show the related information of inventory to the executives. This system is very useful for the large and reputed companies because they cannot take the risk of taking back their decisions.

Inventory is the backbone of any business organization and company. It includes purchase orders, lot of old paper works, stock entries and Invoices. By using this inventory assistant, you can enter the purchase directly to your self handed device, walk around various stock locations and also you can calculate the inventory. At the end, you can upload them to the desktop and then transferred to your central server database.

The retail staff will store the inventory information in their PDA. Then they will place their PDA in the synchronization cradle to transfer the inventory information to the store controller PC and then store controller PC will send the updated data to the Corporate Headquarters through modem. By using this system, we can minimize the mistakes in the manual data entry, reduce the administrative paper works. Also employee can save his time. This will increase the accuracy in inventory management. It will help the employees in identifying the goods for discounting, storing the goods properly and moving the inventory very quickly.


With fully localized user interface, this system is very easy to use and anyone can learn this system quickly. The advantages of this system are given below.

  • This system will manage the whole product management process including self price audits and price checks, purchasing, customer enquiry, re-ticketing, selling, discontinuance and stocking.
  • It can visualize very easily and employees can improve in-store inventory control dramatically.
  • It improves the efficiency in ordering and stock inspection.

So the proposed system is a totally merchandise solution. In future, PDA will be more famous among the store employees. It minimizes the time employees spent in managing the inventory, makes them free from the checkout so they can spend more time with the customers and increase the sales. Now in any retail environment, the customers who got better personal service will become the return customers of that store and store’s business will increase automatically.