Web Photo Gallery project which is developed for the people for creating their own online albums, to organize their digital photos and to share photos using internet. Following are the desirable features of  Web Photo Gallery. Based on necessities and usages of system features are divided in to three parts, they are:

Guaranteed Features list: includes basic features.

Wish List Features: includes implemented features.

List of Future Enhancements of System: includes future requirements.

 Web Photo Gallery

The new users can create accounts and existing users can login to this system.

User can upload photos, can view slideshow of images. Also caption for image can be added, create online albums by user.

User can create two types of albums i.e. public and private albums.

User can be send private album to his friends with a link slide show through e-mail.

Public albums can be searched by user based on album name, caption of picture etc

-are the features of the Web Photo Gallery.

Wish list of Web Photo Gallery:

The user can tag uploaded photos and albums with his friends.

Photos can be uploaded from a URL.

User will get facility of multiple photos uploading in a archive file and create their own album.

Future Enhancements of Web Photo Gallery:

Facility of sharing videos along with images.

New playlists for videos can be created.

The photos and photo albums can be managed by the desktop application.

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